The greater Bay area is filled with so many talented & skilled artists. Sharing exposure seems to be a positive and motivating enterprise, especially during these isolating and frustrating times.  Let's spread the joy and support local artists! 


William Alsup lives in Oakland.  Since 1974, he has photographed California and the High Sierra.  His only medium is film, black and white, large format and medium format with a few 35mm.  He is still dedicated to film (and film only).  He processes his own film and prints them in his own darkroom, using classic darkroom techniques.  

"All those seasons of retrieving my 4x5 from my backpack, somewhere deep in the Sierra, have now collapsed into portfolios and wooden boxes of negatives.  But those moments once brimmed with electricity.  As I stood there concentrating on every element of design, poised to snap the shutter, I tried to capture what I felt, a hard job but sometimes I did it. Those moments glow in memory.  "

El Cap & Dewey Point, 2020, 9 1/4" x  6 1/4"

Thunderhead & Volcanic Ridge, 2019, 14 3/4" x  9"