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 The greater Bay area is filled with so many talented & skilled artists. Sharing exposure seems to be a positive and motivating enterprise, especially during these isolating and frustrating times.  Let's spread the joy and support local artists! 


Forteresse • 2019 • 8 x 10in • Collage


Aimée Duddridge-Picard (from Grasse FR) is a French/English mixed media artist based in San Francisco, California. Aimée began her art studies in Barcelona in 2006 at Metafora International Workshop, where she experimented with installation, sculpture, mixed media and photography. In 2007, she moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. During the next few years, she explored the possibilities of video art, installation and photography, investigating subjects such as paralanguage, the absurdity of the everyday and accepted social pressures . After receiving a BFA in New Genres in 2010, Aimée worked in various art galleries and nonprofits in San Francisco, including the Performance Art Institute, Martin Lawrence Galleries, ArtPeople Gallery, the Paule Anglim Gallery and Old First Concerts. She is currently an assistant for photographer, Hillary Turner. She continues her artistic work with a focus on collage, mixed media and puppets, and during pre-pandemic times showed regularly in local galleries and art spaces in San Francisco.

"My collages delve into a world seemingly surreal yet reflecting the malaise that often comes with living in modern society, touching on themes of alienation, isolation, media overload, greed, and simply navigating the world as a woman. My works often display bright colours, patterns and a pinch of humour, but conserve a certain eeriness revealing a darker, sometimes more complex, underbelly. I use surrealist imagery as a way to escape day-to-day reality in hopes to make more sense of it, as well as challenge the idea of the ordinary. I'm also an advocate for the celebration of 'lowbrow' art, promoting imagination, self-expression and creative growth, and moving away from placing the value of art in ideas of productivity, professionalism, and profit."

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Aim For the Sky • 2016 • 8 x 10in • Collage

Am I there Yet? • 2016 • 11 x 14in • Collage


Trust Me • 2019 • 8 x 10in • Collage


Drift • 2020 • 8.5 x 13.25in • Collage


Watching • 2019 •8.25 x 13.75in • Collage


Medium Rare • 2017 • 7.25 x 16in • Collage


ireland wiz collab.jpeg

untitled figure in space, 45 x 30 in, oil on canvas

Collaboration between Norton & Ireland Wisdom

Father and daughter artists, Norton & Ireland Wisdom share a studio in downtown L.A. They started painting together fairly recently--not long before the pandemic, meshing their talents--Norton with his more than 50 years of exploring the trapezoidal shape, in search of real and true nothing, and Ireland as brilliantly seeing deep into the essence of people. 

A fine collaboration!  

"Since Ireland was 14, we have been drawing models together and sharing ideas about aesthetics and art history. It seemed only natural that we would collaborate on art together, which began more seriously when she returned from her 3 years abroad in Florence, Italy."

Adam & Eve, 6ft x 5ft, oil and mixed media on canvas

Collaboration between Norton & Ireland Wisdom


Since 1979, performance painter NORTON WISDOM has worked with musical ensembles, spontaneously painting images that capture the essence of the moment.
This unique and original artist performs live with bands/musicians onstage, creating art as he is inspired by the music he hears performing throughout the world in Asia, Europe, and South America.
For the last 15 years, Stained Radiance, a project with Nels Cline (guitarist from Wilco) and Mr. Wisdom painting, has toured the country and released several DVDs.


His live performance collaborations also include painting to the music of Robby Krieger (The Doors)Mike Watt (The Doors), Banyan,  Richie Havens, Kriskristofferson, Daniel Lanois, Steven Perkins, Ivan Neville, Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Darrel Jones (Rolling Stones), Lili Haydn, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), P-funk George Clinton, Beck, Rob Wassermann, Zam Johnson, Lynn Foulkes, Ray White (Frank Zappa) & countless others.


He has also performed at many festivals such as Coachella,  Monterey Jazz Festival, the opening of Cirque Du Soleil at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and exhibited at museums including Crystal Bridge Museum, AR, Skirball Museum & U.C. Santa Barbara Art Museum amongst many others.

Celebrating David Amram's 90th birthday

Produced by Pamela Dickerson; Norton Wisdom painting

image (2)small.png

Paintings to music, acrylic and mixed media

image (4)small.png

To Nothing, 6ft x 3.5ft, oil on canvas



Ireland Wisdom attended a three-year program at The Florence Academy of Art. There she developed an incredible ability to render figures realistically, through studying traditional forms of drawing and painting, such as sight-size. Since graduating Ireland Wisdom has taken residency at the Zorthian Ranch, a historical artist landmark in the Foothills of Altadena, Los Angeles. In addition to creating her own body of work, such as 7-foot oil paintings and assemblage sculptures, Ireland began a free public figure drawing class. The Nude figure drawing class is Ireland Wisdom’s way of creating an accessible art community and teaching the public a higher level of art.

Self portrait, 6ft x 4ft, oil on linen

Xia in a shell crown, 11 x 14in  oil on canvas 

RBG, 11x 14 in, oil on canvas

Kyla, 11 x 14 in, oil on canvas oil on canvas 


image (1).png

William Alsup lives in Oakland.  Since 1974, he has photographed California and the High Sierra.  His only medium is film, black and white, large format and medium format with a few 35mm.  He is still dedicated to film (and film only).  He processes his own film and prints them in his own darkroom, using classic darkroom techniques.  

"All those seasons of retrieving my 4x5 from my backpack, somewhere deep in the Sierra, have now collapsed into portfolios and wooden boxes of negatives.  But those moments once brimmed with electricity.  As I stood there concentrating on every element of design, poised to snap the shutter, I tried to capture what I felt, a hard job but sometimes I did it. Those moments glow in memory.  "

Photo by Sean O'Grady


El Cap & Dewey Point, 2020, 9 1/4" x  6 1/4"


Thunderhead & Volcanic Ridge, 2019, 14 3/4" x  9"

Bill3002 copy.jpg

Spring Planting, Route 132, 1989, 9 1/2" x  6 1/4"

Bill3001 copy.jpg

Appalachia,1979, 7 1/4" x  9"

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